After I was told about the Army Family Federation’s online and print magazine, Army and You, for Army wives, I went onto their website and began looking at their structure and their articles. Their news articles are very short, with only one picture, however their feature articles are longer because they are interviews with people, so need to be a little longer. If they have any pictures of soldiers, I have noticed that Army and You only publish half photos, so they cut off the head and legs of the soldier, probably so they do not be identified. Other photos of soldiers that show the full person include a little citation to say they have been given permission to publish that photo of that person. The online magazine is also set out in columns like a usual online magazine, with different articles spread around the website, but there are also a lot of advertisments. However these advertisements are not just advertising anything; they are advertising their sponsors, such as Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion.

The website is very easy to digest; information is not thrown at you, but moved into different topics at the top, such as Daily Life, Jobs, etc, so it is easy to find articles about that certain topic. However, I think that the website does not have enough news element from around the world, it seems to focus on the good things that are happening with the British Forces, not important things like the current struggles in ISIS, or the complete withdrawal of the British Troops in Afghanistan.