Website Link and Evaluation

For my website I used wix. I had used wix before, which was why I chose to use it for my website. I wanted a simple website which anyone could navigate round, and one that could be made into a tablet app or site. I did not design my website first, which was probably not the best idea, and I will do that in the future, but instead of designing the website I went on wix and had a play around with the tools, improvising as I went.

Overall I think the creation process was good, although it was very slow because I had no official designs. If I did this task again, I would draw up some designs on paper first and would try to make my website more technical.



Bettany Hughes

Bettany Hughes2

User Testing

I asked a few people to try out my website, which you can find here at

During this user testing several problems came up.
– The website is simple enough for any age to use, but some of the documentaries shown in the video are too technical for younger children.
– The website is being turned into an app or website for the tablet, and there was the concern that the audience would use the website, and then would be confused by the different layouts etc.
– Some people do not have flash installed on some tablet devices, as some tablets do not have the processor powerful enough to use flash, and so we need a website that the videos do not rely completely on flash.
– Some videos on the website do not play on some computers, or have trouble loading.

These problems are not major, although I will need to work out how to solve the problem with the tablets that are not flash enabled, but overall the user testing went rather well. The user was able to navigate the website rather well and commented that it would be a good idea to have a tablet design the same. The user quoted: “the design is easy enough for a child to understand, therefore anyone would be good as a user.”

Website – Tablet Version

As part of our task, we have to turn our website into one that can be accessed either mobile or on a tablet. I have chosen to turn my site into a tablet design because I recently saw in the news that tablet sales are growing, so more people are owning tablets than before.

I have basically kept my design the same, as you will see in the following screenshot, as then it is easy when it comes to making it into an app.

Designing For The User – Evaluation

For my website subject, I chose my inspiration: Bettany Hughes. Bettany Hughes is my inspiration as I have watched her present some of my favourite documentaries and I find she is very captivating and manages to connect with her audience.

For my website, I have gone with the simple, usual website design. I have used Wix, as I find it very easy to use, although I had some technical problems including the Macs, and so had to create my website on my home laptop, which I am more comfortable using. There is not a lot on my website, as I intended to give the audience a very basic feel so they know as much about the subject in a easy way. I have a home page, a page that tells you about Bettany Hughes, a video page in which you can watch some of her best work, and then a page that links you to her social networking sites.

I feel the website was not to the best of my ability as I feel I ran out of time. When creating the tablet design, I struggled to use wix, and even on the internet I could not find the help I needed. If I created a website again, I would study the software really well before I used it, and would give myself plenty of time.

Website – Tablet Design

Screenshot tablet website

I have chosen to turn my website into a tablet design because I have recently seen in the news that tablet sales have rose, meaning more people have tablets than before. The design is the same as before, but when you turn the tablet around to change the screen rotation, the website will change size.