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The Hull Daily Mail published its first newspaper on September 29th 1885, knowing it was entering a big market. By the 1900s, the Hull Daily Mail’s readership was steadily growing and moved to a new office, away from the one on Whitefriargate, on Jameson Street. In 1930, The Evening News, the Hull Daily Mail’s last remaining rival, closed down and left the Mail as the only evening newspaper in the region. At the same time, news appeared on the front page, replacing small advertisements. In 1941, the Hull Daily Mail suffered a direct hit during a German air raid. During the blitz, the Hull Daily Mail continued to publish news, even though the main office had been bombed. In 1963, Northcliffe Media takes over the ownership of the Hull Daily Mail, and the ownership has not changed since. In 1989, colour print was introduced, and the Hull Daily Mail relocates to a new office at Blundell’s Corner on Beverley Road. In 1998, the Hull Daily Mail enters the first stage of digital production, by launching its website “This is Hull and East Riding”. In 2006, the Hull Daily Mail becomes the first newspaper in the country to use video journalism on its online website. In 2009, the regional production designs a new production centre at the base at Blundell’s Corner.

Looking at the Hull Daily Mail newspaper and the online version together, you wouldn’t expect that it is the same organization. There aren’t many similarities simply because one is an online version and has things that a newspaper cannot have, such as the adverts, RSS feeds, and scrolling headlines.

The name of the online version is “This is Hull and East Riding”, which bares no similarity to “The Hull Daily Mail”. When people look at the title of “The Hull Daily Mail” they expect the paper to just be about things that happen in Hull, whereas inside the paper you have stories from across the most of East Yorkshire. The title is misleading, unlike the online “This is Hull and East Riding”, which is blatantly obvious that it appeals to the most of East Riding.

The front page stories of the Hull Daily Mail are striking, like “Death Crash Pilot Is Cleared”, and are mostly about something shocking. This is similar to the online version where the headlines are at the top, scrolling through important stories such as “Hull man rescued from neighbour’s roof after cigarette house fire”. The only difference, an advantage to the online version, is that you can see more stories. In the online version there are three stories constantly scrolling through, whereas on the print version you only have one major splash.

A similarity of both versions is that both have an extreme amount of advertising. If you open the print version, there is an advertisement on the front page at the bottom, and then inside the paper there are advertisements on almost every page. On the online version, when you open up the home page, you are hit with four advertisements for different shops and events in Hull and East Yorkshire. This is good for the advertising companies as they can reach a large percentage of people; both people who see the online paper, and the people who read the print newspaper.

One thing that is a disadvantage to the print newspaper is that if you want to find a specific story, you have to search through the pages for that one story. There are a lot of stories on a page, four or five, and you end up wasting time looking for that one story. On the online version, there is a search bar at the top where you can search any keyword or story and it will come up quickly, saving a lot of time. For example, if I put “schoolgirl death” into the search bar, it comes up with the results for stories that fit that criteria.

Both versions have a big similarity that makes all the difference to the readership. While there seems to be less people buying the newspaper and more looking the news up online, both versions of the paper still have a high amount of readership. People who get the bus or train to work will often buy a newspaper to read on the journey, or they will read one that people leave on the seats, and there is a large amount of people who actually do this. However, there is a high amount of people who have contract smartphones, therefore having internet most of the time, and these people are the ones who check the news on their phones, and you will find that the site actually has a mobile site for people to check the news. This is good because if people see the full site on their phones then they usually cannot see anything, and so has to zoom in all the time, which wastes the time they are using to check the news.

In conclusion, the Hull Daily Mail print and online versions of the paper are completely different. Both bare some similarities, like the colour scheme or the stories they write up, but in general there are more differences than anything else.

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Review of Five Different Products

Kindle Keyboard

The Kindle is a useful item for any long journeys in the car or on the train etc. I find the Kindle Keyboard good because you have your standard Kindle with the Book Store, but a keyboard that helps you navigate through the books and even lets you type in whatever book you are searching for. The only problem with the Kindle Keyboard is that you can’t get apps on it, and I was disappointed due to the fact that I wanted a notepad app to use, which you would expect because of the keyboard feature.

Overall, I rate this four out of five stars.

iPod Touch

I have recently had a iPod Touch 3rd Generation, but I find that the first problem is that you constantly have to update your iPod to a new one because technology is changing far too fast for my liking. The second problem is that it is difficult to hold. I liked to use it to check my Twitter and Facebook in the morning, but unfortunately I found holding it rather hard; that back was always slippery and I often dropped it. It just had to go.

I rate this item three out of four stars.

LG Optimus L3 (Mobile Phone)

I have recently bought an LG mobile phone and I can’t find a single problem with it. I love it. The best features are the graphics; videos and pictures are amazing, and the fact that when you drop it, which many people do, then it bounces so it lands on the side, protecting the screen. The processor is fast and the phone is great for people who like a stylish and cool phone.

I rate this five out of five stars.

Samsung Laptop

I have recently invested in the new Samsung Laptop that has two processors, a normal one and a AMD one, and an up to date graphics card. I love the laptop. The only problem with it is that annoying software that keeps popping up asking you to install Norton Anti Virus because it is a “necessity”. I haven’t got Norton and it works fine. The best features are the smooth easy to type keyboard and the amazing graphics of gaming and video.

I rate this product five out of five stars.

Nintendo Wii

I love the idea of having a wireless control that makes you the controller. When we bought a Wii, I loved it. I love the thrill of playing wirelessly on games such as Rock Band, Wii Sports and Call Of Duty. Again the only problem is the fast updating software. As you are aware, the new Wii U has come out and designers have stopped creating games for Wii because of the new Wii U. Bring back the Wii!

I give this product a four of of five.

Podcast Ideas

My idea for a podcast is a owners guide for Alaskan Malamutes, because the breed of dog is rare and there aren’t many guides to how to look after them.

Portability: My podcast is portable because people will be able to download it onto their smart phones and iPods. This enables people to listen to it wherever they are and whenever they want.

Emotional: This podcast taps into people’s emotions because of the animal cruelty story behind our dog. There will also be clips of the dog, and people will be emotionally linked because they will have an opinion on how beautiful she is.

Attention: This podcast will get people’s attention because it is an usual topic, and the breed of dog it is about is rare. The target audience is dog owners so it should keep people’s attention as they would be interested in hearing how to look after the dog.

Feeds and Syndication: When people subscribe to the podcast, they will be able to find it easily due to RSS feeds. They could also click a link when they subscribe that sends them an email (including a link to newest podcast) that tells them when the next one is out.

Cheapness: The podcast will be cheap to make, and cheap for people to subscribe to.

New website

For one of our assignments we have to create a website. I have used Wix

See it here:
I was originally going to use Webs for the website because I had used it before. However, when I started the creation process, I didn’t think that it looked professional enough. After a play around with Wix, I decided that it was much more professional and looked like an actual website. It is really easy to use too because when you first make an account, you are given a choice of templates that you could edit. I chose a template called “Journalism”, which is the topic of the website, and I found it looked even better.

Trends in Online Journalism

1: List at least 5 jobs that have been created for the online world of online journalism?

Community Coordinator, Social media editor, Technological correspondent, Freelance journalist.

2: What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a digital interface that allows online viewers to browse the internet using flash based platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

3: What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is something that lets journalists find out information from the internet.

4: List 3 examples of user generated content?

Blogs, musician’s pages, or facebook pages.

5: List 3 other communication devices that you can access news from and how?

Smartphones – internet access allows people to be able to surf news channels like the BBC and Google News, Consoles like Wii and Xbox – Internet access allows people to be able to surf news channels, Laptops – Internet access allows people to be able to surf news channels.

6: Is Blogging Journalism?

Blogging is journalism because it allows the user to write about whatever they like. Everyone has a different view on what is news, and so if the people are blogging about what they thing is news, then it is still journalism because the people class it as their own news.

[1] Jennifer Kyrnin. (2006). What is Web 2.0?. Available:

[2] Jones, J and Salter, L. (2011). A Political Economy of Online Journalism. In: Jones J, and Salter, L Digital Journalism. UK: SAGE Publications Ltd. p28-30.

Blogging! – My emotional response to three blogs

Wannabe Hacks –

The Wannabe Hacks blog is similar to that of an online newspaper. This is because the blog is set out in columns, like “The Mail Online”. At the top of the screen is a scrolling banner that shows what the top content of the blog is. Under that is two other columns; the latest blogs and the comments blog, along with an advertisement column with links to social networking sites. The blog is easy to navigate because of the links, which are written in a large font so they are easily seen, and has many pictures to assist the large amount of writing, so that people are not put off reading so much.

Adam Tinworth –

Adam Tinworth’s blog is set out like a traditional blog; a picture in the centre and lots of writing underneath. This large amount of writing may put people off reading, but thankfully, it isn’t in one long paragraph. The writing is set out with a quote, and then with the blogger’s opinion underneath. The design is simple, and therefore easy to navigate, with links to the full blog posts. Similarly to Jon Snow’s blog, people may find the blogger’s opinions funny to read, or may find it interesting to hear other people’s views.

Jon Snow –

Jon Snow’s blog uses the typical Channel 4 layout, with the colour scheme and advertisements for the company scattered around the top of the page. The design is set out in two separate columns, one for the actual blog posts, and the other for people to connect to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The blogs are the blogger’s, Jon Snow, personal opinions, some of which people may find funny or interesting to read. The site is easy to use for people who are used to the Channel 4 layout, but others may find it a little complex at first.

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