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For our research, we looked at four different radio programs and analyzed them in terms of sounds. We decided if the programs used field recordings, or sounds made up in a studio, or if they used a narrator or a group of narrators, and whether or not people’s voices were suitable for that kind of program. Here is an example of one of the things we did.

This program was made of people recounting their dreams, and at first we thought it was the ghostly voices of those who had drowned on a sinking ship – my first thought was that someone had cleverly made a program from recounts of people from the Titanic, who experienced the sinking. The voices were played over and over again, but there were three or four voices, some adults and a child. The voices had been edited so they were ghostly and dream-like, which was why we thought they were ghostly spirits, and the music was dream-like and eerie, which gave us chills. There was no narrator, just these voices, taking us through the experience of the dream in a narrative. There were no field recordings on the program, and the sounds had been made in the studio on a piece of technology.

Our piece
For our brief, we had to make a five minute documentary about a subject, using only audio and sound. Our group (Becky, Wafa, Beth, James, Brad and I) decided to create a news panel for a talk show on the subject of Margaret Thatcher’s death and her funeral. We do not have a script due to the idea of a panel being improvised whilst recording, and that made it hard to edit as we had to cut out some swearing and bits that did not work as well. We added a jingle and sound effects to make it as professional as possible, and so edited them in too. I think we worked rather well as a group, however there was a lack of communication in some areas, and if we did it again, I would have liked to do something more like the Dreams program I have analyzed above.

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Our CD has been handed in by one of the other people in the group.