Photographs – “A Cold Day”

Autumn Trees in Queens Gardens

This picture shows how the cold weather affects nature. I took this photograph because it shows how the cold doesn’t just affect us, but it also affects trees and animals. The leaves on this tree have all fallen to the ground because of the wind and the coldness has turned them an autumn brown colour. You cannot see on the picture but some of the leaves have a slight layer of frost on them from the cold. This picture has been taken on a landscape view so I could fit the whole tree in, as well as most of the leaves on the floor, covering the grass.

Santa’s Grotto

This picture shows Santa’s Grotto in Princess Quay. I took this photograph because it shows the traditional cold winter Christmas scene. There is a focus on the fake snow on the roof, as it gives the picture a cold feel. This picture has been taken from a balcony above so it is looking down on the Grotto, and it has also been taken in a portrait view so I could get the whole of the Grotto in.

Dummies in Princess Quay

This is a picture of some shop window dummies. I took this photograph because rather than showing the cold weather in a negative way, they show it in a positive way – if it is cold, people are more likely to buy the hats and scarves that the dummies are wearing. They are dressed in wintery hats, and showcase some warm clothing that the shop is selling. The picture was taken in a portrait view so I could fit the whole of the dummy in.

Selling in the street

This picture shows some people who have often tried to stop me in the street. I took this photograph because all four people in it are gathered in a group, and all of them show signs of being cold. They are all wrapped in thick clothing, and the young man with his back to the camera has his hooded jacket covering his hands, showing that he is cold. This picture was taken landscape so I could fit in the rest of the street, as to set the scene.

If I had to choose one of these photographs for the centre of a double page spread, I would use the picture of the tree in Queens Gardens because there is plenty of space at the side for text, and there is not as much going on in the picture as there is in the other three. However, if I could have taken a better picture for the double page spread, I would have taken one of someone sat in the cold on a snowy day, dressed in a thick coat and woolly boots, but obviously due to the weather it was not snowing and there were not many obvious signs of it being cold.