Web Documentary Changes

After presenting my web documentary to my lecturer and the class, the feedback indicated that the documentary was not immersive enough. I have created an idea with my changes and are in the duration of creating a prototype.

This is my idea:
The documentary opens with a simple title page with a “play” button in the middle of the screen of the tablet. The user presses the “play” button and it starts a video. The video includes clips from the Hull Bid video, and is a documentary about how Hull got from applying for the city of culture to winning the title. However, during the video it may stop and ask the user if they want more information about other things, for example information or the bid videos from the other competing cities, or it asks if the user wants to see a gallery of images of Hull and it’s culture. The user can simply press a yes or no button and it opens up a pop up gallery or video or a text page. If it is a gallery, the user can scroll across different images, if it is a text information page they can scroll up and down with their finger, or if it is a video they can pause, play and rewind, and close the video to return to the main video.


Presentation – Web Documentaries

Web Documentary

This is my presentation that I presented on Monday 12th May.

This presentation includes my project, the wireframes, and the planning.

I have some changes to do, and I will post them on my blog when they are done.

Blog Reflections – Web Documentary

For our task, we had to plan and create the wireframes for a web documentary on the subject of Hull being the City of Culture 2017.

First of all, I found this very hard due to both personal problems, which had followed on from the problems I had last semester, and the fact we had to learn to juggle work around, as we had a lot to do. The project was out of my comfort zone for two reasons: a) I don’t know much about the City of Culture because I’m not from Hull and therefore don’t find the City of Culture interesting, and b) because normally when I start a project I don’t do much planning, I normally come up with an idea and see if it works before doing a little, if any, planning.

Secondly, I think I did rather well creating my wireframes on Wix. I am learning to use Wix and I feel I am getting a little better with the software. In this project I have learned how to use the button function, and how to use it to link pages with each other. I will use Wix again for another project, now I am getting better at using it.

Finally, I think this project went a little better than I expected, because I really struggled with it, but when I started it, I found it very enjoyable.

Web Documentary Research – The Future of the Web Documentary

I have researched into web documentaries and I have found that people are creating more and more of them.

A web documentary is like a film that is in the form of a film, however it allows the user to have control of what happens, or where they want to go. It delivers information in an online format, through images, video and text, and allows the user to click on text or video to get more information on the subject, therefore why they are known as documentaries; because they emit information.

Web documentaries have had an increase because more information is being shown online, and sometimes it is cheaper to make an online documentary for the public to see, rather than spend a lot of money and have it filmed for television. These documentaries in the future will become more and more because the online world is changing, because of the introduction of new media, and more people are spending time online than watching television.

I researched the City of Culture during my documentary planning, and found most of the information I needed online, such as pictures (thanks to google images) and created the wireframes on Wix. However, I think I didn’t do enough research into web documentaries before create mine, which was why I found it so hard.

My Web Documentary

Pgae 1

This is the first page of my documentary. This is the first page that will load up when you enter the website/app. The whole documentary will be in tablet format.

page 2

This page includes a timeline, where you can click on links with your finger and it takes you to the most important dates and tells you about what happened on that day.

page 3

This page includes a video that pops out when you can click the link.

page 4

This page includes various links to the competing cities; Leicester, Dundee and Swansea Bay.

page 5

This final page includes a slideshow of the hull bid, and a link to the Hull Daily Mail’s city of culture website where there is up to date information.

My Immersive Experience – Pine Point Review

Pine Point – http://pinepoint.nfb.ca/#/pinepoint

Pine Point is an immersive website by “the Goggles”, Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons. It is about a pace called Pine Point where one of the creators of the website, Michael Simons, first travelled for a hockey tournament and he took a liking to the place. He talks about searching for Pine Point online after some years and finds that it is no longer there, but he finds a website called “Pine Point Revisited” and it takes him on a nostalgia trip of Pine Point. The website goes into the history of Pine Point and talks about the time it had as a mining town. Michael then decides to go visit his hometown of Yellowknife, near to Pine Point, and he takes us on a tour of his hometown. He shows us his yearbook, and tells us where people where back then and what they are doing now, and they all recall their hometown memories. Michael tells us about the day the Russian satellite crashed near Yellowknife, and tells us about the day he was woken up by his mum to find that the high school has burned down. Michael then goes into detail about how the government decided to close down Pine Point, finding old letters telling residents to move, and Michael decides to visit Pine Point with his friends, telling us what is left of it. The website ends by telling us that there is a “bash” at Pine Point every year in which the people who used to live there let off fireworks, and he tells us that even though it is deserted, someone still mows the grass in Pine Point cemetery.

The website is good because it uses animations, images, and videos to capture footage of people and places, and there is a clever animation of a scrapbook, which helps to create a nostalgic feel, and the images in the year book create a personal feel to the creator. The website is also good, because it is interactive and allows the viewer to scroll through pages and images at their own pace, although some images are set on a slideshow, but the slideshow is set at a slow pace so it gives the viewer time to see each picture. The images and video are joined by some text, which goes into more detail about what the images and videos illustrate. However, there is not a lot of text so it does not cramp the page and look messy, and it makes the website better for people who prefer videos and images rather than a whole bunch of text.

The main thing that lets the website down is the fact that Pine Point is not immersive enough. This website allows the viewer to interact in order to scroll through pages and images, but it does not let the viewer make their own decisions, for example, Mercedes Benz’ immersive website. At a time of advertising their new C class cars, Mercedes Benz made their website into an immersive experience for people, in a hope to encourage more people to buy their cars. Mercedes Benz’ immersive website put you in a car with a lady, who was quite good looking and attracted the audience of many men, and she told you that you had to drive through the city in order to escape. As a viewer, you could choose your route, and at the end of the immersive experience, if you managed to escape, you could put in your phone number and the lady would ring you with a chance to win one of the new C model cars. That is what Pine Point misses, the fact that Mercedes Benz allowed the viewer to choose your route yourself, while the Pine Point website did not.

See the Mercedes Benz immersive film/website here: http://www3.mercedes-benz.com/mbcom_v4/us/c-class-coupe/en.html