Writing For Purpose Assignment Brief – Ideas

For my assignment I have to create a piece of news, which could either be a news story or a video package.

I have decided to create a news story for BBC News online, and I would follow the same format as this story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-25094101, where you have an interview or important point of the news story as a video format and then the text of the actual story underneath.

My story idea came about after I was looking through my yearbook from year 11 at school. There were so many people who had left school early to go and join the British Forces, and so I came up with a question to ask people: Do you think a lack of job prospects after finishing school causes more young adults to join the British Forces?

I sent the question to two people who I knew would be good examples of interviewees in this subject:
– My friend Rachel, who knows many people who left school early to join the Forces.
– My boyfriend, who has been a serving member of the Army for three years.

Rachel O’Brien, student: “I know someone who wanted to join but not straight away, but because he couldn’t find a job and didn’t want to be on dole, he decided his only option was to join the army. I myself would consider if I didn’t have a child.”

A serving forces member (my boyfriend): “Yes, I think more people are joining the army because people cant find jobs, so they decide to join the forces because they are guaranteed a job there.”

NB: Because of security reasons, I am not allowed to state the name and title of any serving forces member.

Because my question came back with results and so I have decided that this is the right news story for me. I shall now research my topic further and conduct more interviews, some video, that I can use.