Work with a local beekeeper to create a short 3-4 minute documentary about the decline of bees, but focusing on a new news angle regarding the topic. Embed the documentary on to the front page of a website for the beekeeper, which regularly updates people about the decline of bees and what the government and beekeepers are doing to stop it. Also include information about the beekeeper and his business, Queens Honey, including links to his social media page and information regarding the products he creates and sells.


Review of “Undesired” – A Documentary

The film concentrates on the treatment of women in India. Women are shunned, ill treat. Women have a high expectation to give their husbands a male son; otherwise they are looked down on. The film gives us the shocking figure that over 7,000 female babies are aborted every day.


There is a major feminist view because females are not educated and looked after, therefore they are useless. There are some harrowing pictures taken by journalist Walter Astrada, who continues to show us the harsh reality of what life is like for a young woman. Some of the pictures include the family’s reaction to a baby girl’s birth, and horrible images of ill treatment of young females.


There is an interview with a young woman, who has become a pediatrician, about her life and her mother’s decision to keep her daughter. The pediatrician tells us that because of her mother’s decision to allow her to live, it has influenced the pediatrician to keep her daughters, and this has caused a movement against feminism. The film is hard hitting and shows us through pictures and horrifying statistics the truth about what goes on in India, both legally and illegally.